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"Anigrams Plays Games" every Saturday night!

From free and commercial visual novels, to fun and colorful indie games, to the year's biggest titles, my resolution for 2016 (starting in March) is to stream live playthroughs on Twitch every Saturday night. But if you miss it live, don't fret! Videos are saved in the archive for 15 days after airing, and my First Reaction videos are permanently saved as Highlights. Check it out!

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We Value Your Feedback

No, seriously, we really do!

I'm not some corporate entity or a robot or anything like that, I'm just a girl who likes playing games and designing my own when I have the time. That said, I love hearing from you guys about things I could work on and improve. So if you have any questions or concerns, or just want to tell me how much you like (or hate) my work, feel free to message me on Tumblr, Twitch, YouTube, or wherever else you happen to find the "Anigrams" name. I'll usually get back to you within 48 hours.

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