Cera A. White - .NET Developer


I'm Cera White, the founder and main programmer behind Anigrams Productions, and this is my professional portfolio.

I graduated from Drury University in 2012 with a major in Computer Information Systems. For two years, I worked as an inventory expert at RGIS, where I learned a great deal about hard work, teamwork, and responsibility, while providing clients with accurate and efficient annual inventory audits. Before that, I held a brief internship at Meyer Accounting and Tax, LLC, where I worked with them to gather information regarding their needs and concerns, and developed a new database and company website to meet their specifications.

Last year, I graduated from Centriq Training where I trained to become a .NET developer. Although I come from a family of developers, I didn't become interested in programming until my freshman year of college, when I tried my hand at designing my own computer game and absolutely fell in love. It was so exciting to build the logic piece by piece, find solutions to the various problems I came across, and watch my very own creation come to life. I've learned a great deal from designing my own games, including how to research the market, collaborate with a team, and design a user-friendly interface, and of course I've also benefited from the hands-on programming experience.

Currently, I'm working as a Software Engineer at UnitedLex. My job involves working on both independent and team-based development projects to support internal business users.







A full-length game made with Ren'Py, a Python-based visual novel engine.

A browser-based dress up game designed and exported with GameMaker: Studio.

A simple company website designed for Meyer Accounting and Tax, LLC.

Data-driven online store designed for White Sun Crafts and built with ASP.NET.

An MVC application designed to keep track of bugs and issues in Anigrams apps.