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Memoirs of an Angel (2010)

Visual Novel -- Freeware -- Rated Ages 10+

Upon the death of the mighty Emperor Osirus, the nation of Tyraca is thrown into chaos. Its former princess, an angel named Zuleika, is now faced with a choice: will she bend to the authority of the new emperor, Osrirus' younger brother, Nefferon; or will she give up her title and leave her old life behind?

When a mysterious elven assassin shows up to take her life, she is forced to make a decision that will affect the fate of the kingdom. Regardless of what she chooses, the young angel's life will never be the same.

  • 4 GxB Romances (including one with the villain himself)
  • 4 personality types, each with its own activities and mini-games
  • Customize your character with different outfit colors and accessories
  • Playtime: approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on the path
Download Ver. 1.2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux Download Walkthrough


"The sprites are beautiful and polished... the art isn't the only good thing about this game, which has an intriguing plot and premise as well as excellent writing."


"I really like this game. It's short and easy to play, and I found the world, the story, and the plot intriguing. I only wish there had been more! The stat raising is straight forward, and the mini games aren't tedious or redundant."


"Overall I really enjoyed playing 'Memoirs of an Angel'. It has a good length, good dialogue, good unfinished art, etc... I still recommend this game to all otome fans especially the fantasy lovers!"




Zuleika, (Former) Princess of Tyraca

The bright, strong-willed princess of Tyraca and Osirus' angel. She has a good heart and is very honest and straight-forward, but many of the other characters see this as naivete.


Chael, "Prince" of Nalan

An assassin from the elven nation of Nalan and Menorrhi's angel who was sent to kill the princess for unknown reasons. He is quiet and stoic, choosing to keep his emotions hidden from others.


Duren, Prince of Tyraca

Zuleika's long-time friend, Nefferon's angel, and now prince of Tyraca, but he is anything but proud of his new position. He is generally polite and mild-mannered... except when he gets angry.


Kirile, "Prince" of Pyralis

He was once a proud general from the demon nation of Pyralis and Aukinora's angel, but took up thievery after being exiled. He loves women, booze, and having fun, but he has a sentimental side as well.


Nefferon, Emperor

The new emperor and a dangerous man who will do anything to get what he wants. He has a cool and collected demeanor, and can charm and manipulate his way into anyone's heart.

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